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Let us hold your bows, guns or accessories in all the seasons.

  • The Straphook is a multi-use adjustable strap and "J" hook designed to hold bows, guns, and other hunting equipment. 

  • The Straphook can be used on any type of tree, tree stand or ground blind and can assist in pulling deer from the woods. 

  • The Straphook can also be used to hold sporting and camping equipment and for household usage.  

The Straphook is simple to use!

  • Just a click and pull and the strap is secured. 

  • The Straphook safely holds up to 65 pounds, weighs 3.9 ounces and is available with red or black hooks. 

  • It easily fits in your pocket or pack. 

Tired of fighting screw-in hooks?

  • Keep you bow, gun or hunting gear at arm's reach with the Straphook. 

  • Put two or three Straphooks together to go around larger objects.  (One Straphook will go around a 12" object.)

                 "One Click and You're Hooked!"



The Straphook was developed and patented over five years ago as a tool to assist hunters in the woods. The inventor (a Veteran) was tired of trying to fight screw in hooks and needed something to safely hold all his hunting equipment. 

What's unique about the Straphook is that it is adjustable - the hook length, the direction of the hook and the strap length. No other hook on the market has these capabilities.

For those that hunt on private land or in the national forests, the Straphook is the ideal hunting accessory.

The uses are endless for hunting, sporting, camping and household equipment. The Straphook can be used to get organized in pole barns, sheds, garages and basements.

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